Our Cafe


A vehicle wash could not have been more relaxing earlier

If you are in the Carlingford or Parramatta region and just about to give up thinking that there is no good carwash near me, then come to Scooters Hand Car Wash and Café and give yourself and your car an interesting break. Come to our service station and unwind as we welcome you to our café, where you can spend some quality time while your vehicle gets a wash of its kind. So, what all can you do at our cafe? Pamper! Mostly pamper yourself when your car is spoilt a wee bit more, till it comes out with shine and sparkles. If you are carrying a laptop or a smart phone, then you can also have the privilege of using our free Wi-Fi connection so that you do not feel that you’re waiting for a long time.

The cafe at Scooters Hand Car Wash is air conditioned to make the space even more relaxing after a hectic drive. We also give you an extensive choice of complimentary coffee, tea or bottled water, with every car wash you purchase from us. Each and every wash takes around 30 minutes to complete. Our cafe has been set up to allow our prized customers relax while their vehicles are pampered.