Scooters Hand Car wash and Café is your one stop destination if you are looking for car detailing services in the Paramatta region. Regular maintenance is the key to adding extra days to your vehicle and keeping this in mind, our professionals have been rendering valuable services since 1989. What makes us stand out from the crowd is the fact that the vehicle detailing services are conducted individually. We feel that your car is prized and hence it is worth every gentle touch of our hands.

Get your vehicle under professional hands

Our well trained staff are experienced and knowledgeable individuals who promise to deliver high quality work on time as promised by us. Each and every detail is taken care of as if the vehicles belong to us. In case of services that entail use of machinery, we ensure that only the highest in standards are deployed for a successful outcome.

Our extras

Get our hand car wash or car interior detailing at an affordable price and we also have discounts and free car wash benefits to keep it light on your wallet. Thus, your vehicle leaves with a spark and shine while you keep smiling behind the wheel.

Our hospitality is unmatched. We understand how simple or hard it has been driving all the way and hence, have opened our own café where you can relax while your wheeled machine gets a new look. Sip coffee, listen to songs and unwind while we do our job at its best.